Sunday, March 14, 2010

Lables, Sections, and Best of Tao of Poker

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

Due to the template migration, I had to say goodbye to some old features but I also embraced a couple of nifty ones. For example, every single post from this point out will be indexed with labels to assist in quick searches. This is a godsend because the old system was so fucked up that I'd go nuts trying to find something buried underneath the rubble.

I also built a pages that will house the Best of the Tao of Poker which is a highlight reel of sorts that contains my favorite posts since 2004. I also added a separate pages that contains links to some of the published articles I have written for clients.

If you're freaking out about not seeing your blog, rest assured, I didn't kill my blogroll completely. It's on a separate page that you should bookmark my blogroll page you specifically visited Tao of Poker as a portal to jump to other blogs. This would be the appropriate time to grovel for a link up or point out that I owe you a link-back. I've been horrendously bad about reciprocal linking on my blogroll over the last couple years because I'm a lazy pothead. Consider this an amnesty period. Leave me your URL in this comments section. If you meet the basic requirements, then I'll add you to the blogroll.

But let's get back to the labels, since that's all I've been doing over the last 48 hours. Labels. Labels. Labels. The sidebar on the right has a dozen or so of the more popular labels for Tao of Poker posts, which are listed in order of frequency.
Tao of Poker's Popular Categories:

Classic Tao (118) - These posts fall under the Best of Tao of Poker section.

2009 WSOP (82) - Self-explanatory.

Podcast (26) - Index of episodes of Tao of Pokerati with Michalski, Lost Vegas podcasts with Change100, random podcasts with Benjo, and a couple of cameos on the Poker Beat and other radio shows.

Philosophy (20) - Posts that contain a philosophical slant for advanced readers.

Tao All Stars (17) - Guest posts from some of your favorite scribes.

November Nine (16) - Self-explanatory.

Liz Lieu Tuesdays (7) - For fans of LL and anyone with an Asian female fetish.

Politics (7) - Rare topic of discussion for the Tao, but this is where you'll find jaded scribblings that might get me incarcerated for sharing my political views.

Born to Gamble (6) - My gambling memoir. One of my favorite series in the history of Tao of Poker.

Tao of Five (6) - Interview series with poker industry personalities.

Seven Deadly Sins (5) - A series about Las Vegas and the deterioration of morality.

AVN AEE (3) - Dispatches from the 2010 porn convention in Las Vegas.

The Vicodin Diaries (3) - Dispatches from Argentina.

2010 WSOP (1) - This will be a popular label in the upcoming months.
As you can see, I have not gotten around to labeling the WSOP prior to 2009 and that's a priority which I'll do during lulls in March Madness over the next week.

Thanks again for your patience and support during this migration.


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