Saturday, December 10, 2005

Vegas Day 2: Half-baked Recap

Woke up late. Waited for Jaxia to arrive. Derek, Jax, and I ate at Ferrara's in the Forum Shops at Ceaser's. Saw Al Cant Hang's suite and did shots with Trump JoshTook the monorail with Maudie to MGM where Joaquin arranged mixed games.

My table:
Seat 1: Derek
Seat 2: Maudie and AlCantHang
Seat 3: Pauly
Seat 4: Jaxia
Seat 5: TrumpJosh and Brandon Schaefer
Seat 6: Peter and Ephro
Seat 7: Poker Prof and Daddy and Spaceman
Seat 8: Gracie
Seat 9: Heather and TP
I donked off about $100 in a few hours. Fun times. Derek went from down 94 to up 20 inside of one orbit. I staked Jaxia in her first mixed games. She learned O8, Stud, and Stud 8 very quickly. Poker Nerd sweated me for a while.

Wil Wheaton showed up with Paul Phillips. Phil Gordon was playing 5-5 NL with HDouble and a few Full Tilters. Hung out at the bar and shot the shit with everyone. An unidentified female blogger grabbed my junk. I felt like Bobby Bracelet. Mrs. Head took $200 from Phil Gordon playing Roshambo. Joe Speaker backed her. I got the winner's interview and the loser's interview which I'll share with Sean for Lord Admiral.

Blogger tourney starts very soon. I have Gigli ready.

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