Monday, December 05, 2005

Rain Check?

My grandmother died on Saturday afternoon. I wrote something about it on the Tao of Pauly. I'm flying back home to NYC to attend a wake and funeral. I still don't know when everything will be held. As of now, I don't know when Derek and I will be coming to Vegas. I'm gonna try my best efforts to arrive in time for the tournament. As of now, it's not looking good and we might have to miss it. Thanks to everyone who sent (and will send) messages of condolences.


On another note, the cowboys are crawling around Las Vegas because the Rodeo is officially in town. They were in the poker room donking off chips at the Excalibur where Grubby and I played for a little bit when we got back from California. One surly cowboy sat at our table. He ordered a fuzzy navel. Actually he ordered two in the two hours that he sat at our table. What a fuckin'pussy. I raised his blind every time after that.


Sean at Lord Admiral included two sound bites from me in his podcast for Episode #54 that I recorded from HDouble's home game featuring Joe "Speaks" Speaker, Franklin, and the Poker Geek. My segment starts at 19:20.

I was also featured in Episode #52 when I interviewed Heather from Poker Wire at Foxwoods. My segemt starts at 10:01.

Check both episodes out of the best poker podcast around. Thanks again to Sean and Stacks for having me on.

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