Thursday, December 15, 2005

Bellagio Pauly

I've been at the Bellagio all week covering the Five Diamond Classic main evet, which will be taped for the upcoming season of the WPT. I have been posting updates and pictures over at Las Vegas and Poker Blog. Take a peek. I'll be doing some live blogging of the final table here at the Tao of Poker starting at 7pm Vegas time or 10pm EST on Friday. The final table should be frigging exciting and features both Texas Dolly himself and The Unabomber. See you on Friday night!

Back by popular demand.....
Last 5 Pros I Took a Piss Next To:
1. Doyle Brunson
2. Barry Greenstien
3. Barny Boatman
4. James Van Alstyne
5. John Gale

Moving on...

Derek left on Thursday night after a week in Vegas. The last few days we've been hanging out with Grubby, Bobby Bracelet, The Heads, and The Spacemans. Iggy stuck around for an extra day two. This afternoon, I snuck out of work and played at the Wynn with Derek. It was his first time there and he dug the place. Some old lady got me on tilt for at least an hour. Inside of two hours she was up 133 BB... at a limit table!! She was one of the worst players I've ever seen and raised everything to the river. I also saw Tomer Benvenisti wandering through the poker room. And according to Derek, the Wynn has some of the hotest cocktail servers on the Strip. Indeed. There was some quality talent serving me SoCo, bottled water, and hot chocolate. Yeah, I have to thank Jaxia for getting me hooked on hot cocoa after watching her consume 43 at the tables this weekend.

On Wednesday night, I played in the 11pm Sahara tournament, the one that F Train won on Sunday night. I got my aces cracked by K-Q by an assclown. After a raise (UTG) and a 5x reraise (my A-A), he moved all in over the top of both of us with Kournikova. That was a Tiffany Williams-like move. And he flopped a straight too. Fucktard. I did a rebuy and moved all in with A-K only to get sucked out on by A-J.

By the way, I'm slowly starting to read trip reports from my favorite bloggers who came to Las Vegas last weekend. Some good stuff out there. This group picture makes me smile and I must look at in once every hour in order to keep from going insane. I had such an amazing time last weekend that I'm going through some serious waves of depression. I miss all of you. Even Joaquin. Just kidding, dog!

I'll be posting Parts 3 and 4 of my trip report this weekend, well by Monday the latest.

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