Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Moderation Mondays

To answer two quick questions that have been flooding my inbox...
1. Yes. I'm still in Las Vegas until Christmas Eve.
2. I don't kiss and tell.
Moving on...

I was sick on Sunday. Nothing like the Gracie Flu, but close to it. I even skipped watching football. I knew I was sick on the way to the Green Valley Ranch buffet with Grubby on Sunday. He had a 2 for 1 coupon. I stopped at Smith's to buy Airborne on the way. Man that stuff tastes like ass. During the champagne buffet at GVR, I didn't even get the champagne nor all the shrimp and king crab. I couldn't overstuff myself. I didn't even get a chocolate shake, which they will make for you in the far corner near all the desserts. When I got back to chez Grubby, I felt worse.

Sunday night I tried to write and was dead tired. I kept falling asleep from the nyquil. That's why I thought my last post sucked. At least I got my last freelance article of 2005 in under the deadline. I've already seen the pre-production layout. They will be including some of my photos as well.

By the way, the most recent issue of Poker Pro features a story and photos from me about the WPT Foxwoods. It's the one with Jesus on the front. Take a peek at it if you see it in your local card room. In some good career realted news, Poker Pro hired me to write a monthly tournament column in their magazine for the duration of 2006. Thanks to them for hiring me on a steady basis and special thanks to Lou Krieger who recommended me to the editors.

Although all the details have not been finalized, I made a verbal committment to cover the LA Poker Classic at Commerce Casino in February 2006. I think I'm also doing the WPT Invitational too, which means I should be in LA for a little under two weeks. As soon as the details are official, I'll tell you more.


Flipchip bought Grubby, myself, and Poker Prof a late lunch at The Palm yesterday. I ate the filet mignon (medium) and we had an interesting discussion on the SEC investigation into Doyle Brunson. They wanted my take on it since I used to work on Wall Street. In fact, a major TV network contacted me about the story and since I'm a poker writer who's a former Wall Street trader, they wanted to interview me. I declined. "I'm on vacation," I told them.

Anyway, Grubby and I met up with Change100 who fought brutal traffic from LA to return to Las Vegas. We ended up in the Excalibur poker room because Grubby had 3 free nights of rooms which he so kindly gave away to Change100. It also included a free spa treatment too. Anyway, we sat down at $1-3 NL (200 max buy in). They sat at the same table and I was on the rail at a different table. As soon as I sat down, the guy in Seat 2 said "Wow, here's Dr. Pauly!"

Yeah, I was recognized by a nice guy named Geroge (or KingGeroge as he goes in my comments). He's an avid reader of all of our blogs and was going to leave until I sat down. I dropped the Hammer in his honor and lost a $75 pot. I raised preflop and one limper from Iowa called. The flop was K-Q-2 and I caught a piece. Iowa checked and I bet the pot. Iowa called. On the turn, a 10 fell. He checked, I put him all in and he called with Q-J. He had the best hand, but the way I was betting he should have folded. I sheepishly flipped over the Hammer.

Devilfish said it best during the 2005 WSOP, "Never bluff a calling station."

Later on I pushed KingGeorge off a pot. He had Hiltons and I had 10-10. He raised preflopa nd I reraised. I put out a huge bet ont he flop when an ace hit and he mucked face up. Anyway, he was a great guy and he'll be around later this week. I hope to get to play with him some more.

After crawling back to even, I lost a big pot later on a bad beat. $150 of my stack gone in the blink of an eye.

Then it was off to the Pai Gow poker tables where I got cold decked. Lady luck was with Change100. It was her first time playing and she won. I lost my entire buy-in.

The slide continues. And I didn't even get my junk grabbed by Change100. My mojo is slipping.

Around 4:45am, Grubby and I headed back to chez Grubby. I wanted a Krispy Kreme for the ride home. We went upstairs to the food court and I got an apple fritter. On our way down the escalator, a hooker had just got off the up escalator. She stopped and stood next to me on the way down.

"Is there a donut in there for me?"

"No," I said.

"Awww, why weren't you thinking about me?"

I wanted to say, "Hey honey, if I didnt drop $300 tonight I'd consider the thought of watching you suck Change100's toes for ten minutes straight while Grubby threw peanuts at you."

Instead I shrugged my shoulders. That's when she shouted, "George!"

For no reason at all she yelled "George!"

I laughed because that was the name of the guy I met a few hours earlier. She told Grubby that her grandfather's name was George. There's no point to this story. Aside from the fact that some random hooker shouted out, "George" on an escalator in the Excalibur.

She asked me where we were headed.

"Back home. We live here," I said.

The best way to get rid of a hooker is to tell them that you are a local. That's my Las Vegas tip of the day.

Just another Monday in Las Vegas... got a job offer, ate filet mignon, declined an interview, met a fan, and was propositioned by a hooker after getting cold decked in Pai Gow.


P.S. Wil Wheaton moved his tourneys to Tuesdays on Poker Stars.

5:40pm... Update: I took 28th out of 70 in Wil's tourney. My A-5 lost to A-4. Typical of hat's been happening to me recently. I was originally seated at Jaxia's table for most of the tourney. With J-J and A-Q-4 on the board, she bluffed me off a pot with a middle pair.

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