Sunday, December 18, 2005

Daddy's Interview, Meet the Heads, and Bobby Bracelet

First of all, I conducted the funniest interview of all fuckin' time with Daddy. It took place last Saturday at the Imperial Palace in the ballroom. If you don't know Daddy slept through the blogger's tournament and we were both obliterated wasted when we did this bit. We also try to squeeze in the phrase "BG is a pussy!" as many time as possible.
Daddy's Donkey Fucker Interview (wav file)
Also, last Sunday night I caught a tender moment with Human Head and his lovely wife. Iggy, Spaceman, and Derek watched the clip looped for thirty minutes straight the other night. It never gets old. You have to check out that clip as well! Loop the fucker and zone out.
Meet the Heads (avi file)
Thanks to Iggy for helping me with the tech stuff. Seriously, these two bits are friggin' classic and is part of the reason I friggin' love all the parties involved.

Moving on...

Bobby Bracelet is in town for business. On Friday I met him at Monte Carlo for a free buffet and we had a nice long talk about what it's like to sell penis pills for a living. Last night, Grubby and I met Bobby Bracelet at the Sahara for their 7pm tournament. Both Biggestron and F Train won those this past weekend and we were looking to make the money. We all had a last longer bet and swapped 10% of each other. The results? Out of 150 players, Grubby went out in 80th, I was out in 55th, and Bobby Bracelet was out in 47th.

I had 10K and ran into K-K with 10-10 and got crippled. I also folded quads an orbit before. The shotstack moved all-in UTG, the loose guy at the table took five minutes to make a decision and ended up moving all-in. I had them both covered. I told myself if loose guy folded, then I call. Well he called and I mucked 9-9. Loose guy showed 8-8 and I said, "I had you beat!" The guy UTG showed Hiltons. It was the proper fold. I told everyone that I mucked two red nines. The flop was 9s-9c-x and the entire table let out a huge scream. My head dropped and I muttered several expletives under my breath. I got up and ran over to Bobby and Grubby's table to tell them what happened. I would have had almost 20K if I made that call. Sweet fuckin' Jesus.

We ate a late night dinner at Ellis Island then played Pai Gow at the Orleans for four hours until they closed the table. We told one dealer that the reason we called Bobby Bracelet, "Bobby Bracelet" is because he won a bracelet this year. He bought it and Bobby hammed it up.

If Grubby, Bobby and I weren't down $5K combined since last weekend, we would have gone to a strip club. Alas, we had to settle for watered down drinks at the Orleans. At least we got to see Johnny Fuckin' Chan playing slots. That was weird.

More trip reports coming soon. For now, enjoy the short movie clip and Daddy's interview.

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