Saturday, December 24, 2005

Caribbean Sun Poker's Facelift

One of my good friends from college lives in South America. He works for a major insurance company and travels all around the world. In the past few months he confessed to me one of his secret addictions... online poker. Yeah, it started as a way to kill time in lonely hotel rooms. He's in a serious relationship and hookers is not a viable option for him. So he turned to online poker. At first it was an online casino where he'd play blackjack. But after losing his shirt, he decided to try out poker.

Caribbean Sun Poker (also known as Sun Poker) is owned by Peak Entertainment who also owns several online casinos that have been operating for years. They are a part of the CryptoLogic network which means you're playing against the same group of players from William Hill Poker. My buddy was playing on one of those casino sites and clicked on a link to Sun Poker. He was hooked right away. He played for a few months before he admitted his secret addiction and asked for some tips. Since that was the only site that would take his credit card, he only played there. In order to watch him play and mentor him (which I have been known to do to some of my friends and fellow bloggers) I had to download and install Sun Poker. I'm glad I did.

Since I'd be up at random times and he'd be all over the world, I'd get a random IM message or email telling me he wanted to play poker together or for me to sweat him in a tournament.

He's improved over the last few months. In the meantime, I drove up my bankroll to a pleasurable amount playing PLO and NL ring games. The players are so awful on Sun Poker that it's a great place to play. Most of them are coming over from their sister casino sites which means they are degenerate gamblers and action junkies. On smaller sites the players tend to be awful which means more fish to fry.

The graphics are much better than Titan/Noble. The techies over there also recently gave it a new facelift. It used to be red everything, especially the tables. It's now a softer shade of green. I'm not going to say that I have pull over at Sun Poker, but a few weeks after I sent them a complaint email, they fixed it. Just a coincidence, I'm sure.

The limit hold'em games go up as high as $150/$300 for both US $ and Pounds. The highest I've played is $3/$6 and those tables were soft. The highest NL stakes are $10/20 both US and Pounds. I played a lot of $1/2 NL and at the $0.50/$1 PLO tables.

Sun Poker reminds me of Full Tilt when they first started out. They games were so profitable due to the terrible players that I didn't tell anyone or write about it out of fear of my shark friends coming over and gobbling up all the money. So here's my little secret.

In October, I had been trying to win a seat in the Caribbean Poker Classic which happened a few weeks ago. I won a seat into the satellite by winning a super-satellite but didn't even make it to the first break. That was the closest I came to winning a seat.

If you like short-handed play, they have Six-Pack Tournaments. I like that format a lot because it allows hyper-aggressive Pauly to be unleashed and I can play more hands. On Sunday there's a guaranteed $30K at 3pm that most of the time has an overlay. My buddy has cashed in that at least twice.

Sun Poker has a BadBeat Jackpot where Quad Jacks or better have to get beat in a ring game. They also have a player's point system where you accumulate poker points for playing in ring games and tournaments. Those points can be used for freerolls.

After you play you're 200th hand in a given month, you get $40! That's pretty cool way to reward their regular players.
Warning #1: They list games in British Pounds and US Dollars. Make sure you pick the correct tournaments or tables.

Warning #2: You need a PIN# before you can cashout. Follow the instructions and you will be OK.
Figure I'd shill Sun Poker today since I've been playing on it non-stop since I got back to NYC. Look for me, my screen name is: DrPauly.

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