Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas EVe with Full Tilters

Played 3 out of the last 4 days both online and in Las Vegas and I'm up in all three days. Losing streak is gone. Picked up almost $1K in the last three sessions. Almost 30% of my losses have been wiped out.

Played a PLO MTT on Poker Stars with Derek and the Poker Nerd. I took 104th out of 324. I played a PLO cash table and walked away up 3x, before I doubled up on a 6-max NL table with April & Alan. On the button I called a big raise with 9-7s and wrote in the chat, "I got implied tilt odds." I flopped two pair on a board of K-9-7 all hearts and doubled up against a guy who had A-K, neither of which was a heart. Hit and run.

I sat down at a $3/$6 table on Full Tilt to clear my reload bonus. An empty seat opened up and Derek sat down. Four minutes later, the lovely Jen Harman sat down. Within seconds the waitlist grew and grew. It reached as high as 44. Plenty of railbirds where clogging up the chat asking her stupid questions.

My favorite: "Jen are you Jewish?"

I had plenty of railbirds including F Train, Bad Blood, April, and Alan.

Andy Bloch stopped by in the chat. He got ont he waitlist which went quickly after Jen left to go to Midnight Mass. We played with Andy for a bit too. Two pros in one night! It was so special that even Derek blogged about it. I've only played with a Full Tilter in a tournament, but never in a ring game. I doubled up my buy-in and left when Andy left. An awesome day for me in the waters of online poker.

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