Monday, December 12, 2005

Hard Eight for the Boys

I'm in Al Cant Hang's suite and it's 3:03am. I just got back from Casino Royale where I played craps with Jen Leo, Biggestron, Human Head, Mrs. Head, Jaxia, CJ, Travis, Royal, TrumpJosh and myself.

I nailed a hard fuckin' eight for the boys tonight. So did Mrs. Head.

Iggy and Al sat "Hi!" in their drunken stupor.

CJ and Joe Speaker made the final table at the MGM tourney tonight. Joe Speaker took 4th and CJ won it when his KQs beat out AK and JJ. He fuckin rules.

I have too many stories to write right now, but I must say I've had one of the best time in Vegas with all of my friends.

I can't talk about the bubble bath, but I can talk about how cool everyone was this weekend. I took 38th in the blogger tourney and as of now I'm stuck about $1K playing Pai Gow, craps, and poker. Pictures and more post coming soon.

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