Monday, December 26, 2005

Sun Poker

I played a bunch of Pot Limit Omaha on Sun Poker and held my own the past few days. Plenty of Europeans play on that site. Pot Limit Omaha is more popular overseas than here. I try to see how my Pot Limit Omaha game is from time to time by playing against Europeans. I don't win as much as I'd like, but it's experience. Plus the only way I'm going to get better is to play against better players. My Pot Limit Omaha game has vastly improved over the past few months, thanks to the time I've been putting into the tables over at Sun Poker.
Here are some changes in my PLO game:
1. I've stopped playing too many hands out of position.
2. Folding straight draws on the flop and straights if I don't pick up any redraws.
3. Getting rid of those small and middle pairs.
Playing Pot Limit Omaha online has been fun for me. It's been a way to step away from Texas Hold'em and still stay involved. I'm at the point where those games are full of enjoyment and I can see a tangible improvement in my game during every session. The swings in PLO are much more varied than in Hold'em and that's something that shouldn't scare you if you want to start out. So far, I've only been playing at no more than the $100 buy-in PLO tables so the swings have been tiny.

I doubled up on a NL table on Christmas morning, then lost my stack two hands later. Both time with the Hilton Sisters. I rivered a four flush against J-J (when he flopped a set) and then lost to J-J when he caught his two outer on the river. Zero sum gain.

I played in two super satellites to the $500K Guaranteed which is supposed to take place Jan. 22nd. I didn't make the first break in the first super satellite. I'll spare you the bad beat story. I made it to the last 2 tables in the other and before I was crippled by two bad decisions. I folded when I should have called and called a bet when I should have folded. One of those days.

Anyway, take a peek at Sun Poker. The tables are soft as hell! The players are bad and the PLO games are nice. I've been having a good time on their site so far. Why don't you give it a try?

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