Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Truckin' August 2004 (Vol. 3, Issue 8)

I finally posted another issue of my literary blog-zine Truckin'. The summer ending issue represents a transition... from my running series of Miami stories which will segue into several Coventry, Vermont stories beginning this month. My Phishin' trips to Miami and Vermont were inspiration for at least twelve stories. This issue is anchored by two regulars. Sigge S. Amdal, our Norwegian friend, returns with a story called Messiah on a Tuesday. And Tom Love is back with a wicked tale called Vamp. I'm excited to finally publish Part II of Diane Roy's gripping story, Perversion Dispatched. Sit back, enjoy, and please spread the good word about this site. Be sweet, McG.
1. Lost Puppy by Tenzin McGrupp

She was barefoot, her lower legs caked in mud, and her puppy asleep in her arms. Her glassed over eyes were the size of a butter dishes, and she looked like she hadn't slept in over a week... More

2. Perversion Dispatched, Part II by Diane Roy

Hubert was slapped with reality as Jennica's screams finally hit him. Panicked, he threw his hands over her mouth to silence her, but she wouldn't stop... More

3. Vamp by Tom Love

She owned no clothing of color, nor anything white. Her walk-in closet was a complete unbroken row of black... More

4. Messiah on a Tuesday by Sigge S. Amdal

Most people had problems with Mondays, but Dolores really couldn't get herself to appreciate the second day of the week... More
More Ramblings

Anyway, I told Al Can't Hang that I would update all four of my blogs within a 24 hour period. I think I did it all within 30 hours. Blogger was fucking up yesterday. But I finally published the new issue of Truckin'. In addition, I penned a solid entry to the Tao of Pauly...
The poor girl could never remember what she ate for breakfast the day before, but she could recant the specifics of the fluorescent orange socks I was wearing one night when I pedaled a bicycle down Fifth Avenue with multiple Japanese film crews following me in two shopping carts. It gets better... seriously, this is a real dream Haley had when I was in Santa Fe... because there were five Japanese guys in each shopping cart shooting my every move. I had been hired by a Japanese reality TV show at the same time I was shooting a documentary. Both crews elbowed each other to get the better shot of me on a bicycle. And whenever Haley finally completes her long, rambling, intricate dream narration... I sarcastically utter up, "Did you drop acid yesterday? And if so, why you holding out? I'd like to see pink rabbits too."
And on Sunday, I updated my poli-blog This Side of the Truth with a little rant on Sudan.
It's time for me to pass along the horrifying word that there is a living hell on Earth... and people are dying under a dark veil of brutality every few minutes in Sudan. The sad thing is knowing that it will continue and no one on this side of the ocean is doing anything to stop it. How could busy Americans take time out of their day and focus on something aside from the Election, or the Olympics, or the Kobe Bryant rape and Scott Peterson murder trials, or the upcoming season of The Apprentice, or what brand of orange juice J. Lo drinks on Sunday mornings for brunch while on vacation in Bermuda?
Yeah, I've been busy writing the last few days. Perhaps I'll have an interesting entry on poker in the upcoming days.

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