Wednesday, August 18, 2004

We Have a Winner!!!

Congrats to Jason from Hurty McGurty who is the winner of the Hilton Sister's Challenge 4. He won a Pauly painting after he cracked AA with the Hilton Sissters last week. Good job. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to reading more of your blog.

Paris under the Tao... I like it!

I'm Back!!

Yes, thanks for all the concern. I'm back in NYC and I'm more burnt than left over french fry stuck in the deep fryer at Jack in the Box. If you would like to read about some of my adventure, visit my other blog and read the first installment of my wild weekend: Coventry: A Vermont Pharewell... Part I. I hope to post some more pictures in the next few days.

I was somewhere in the middle of this!

If you don't know what happened... due to bad weather and too much rain, parts of the festival grounds at Coventry were flooded and the Vermont state police wouldn't let in the last 1/3 of the 75,000 fans that flocked from all over the country (and I knew people who flew from Japan to see the shows). Some people were waiting in line up to 40 hours and ended up hiking into the show, like I did with my friend from Texas, Molly. Yeah, we walked to last 3 miles into the festival!! That's dedication. Read all about the nightmare and how we never gave up and figured out a way to see the last two Phish concerts ever.

And more shocking than waking up and popping my head out of my tent and seeing a naked pregnant hippie chick take a shit in the woods... was seeing Al Can't Hang and Mrs. Hang at the Phish show in Camden, NJ last week! Read all about it on ACH's blog in the entry: Hanging with Pauly and the Phisheads.

I Miss Poker Blogs

I haven't had any time to read all of my favorite poker blogs. I hope to catch up this weekend and print up tons of pages from my fellow poker bloggers to read on my flight to Santa Fe. But a quick congrats to Otis and Mrs. Otis on the birth of their new baby!

And if you haven't done so... visit Iggy's sitte for the details about the Monty Memorial Poker Blogger tourney set for this Sunday. Sign ups end Thursday at noon.

I hope to be posting more poker related content very soon. The break away from the tables has been good... but I definitely miss playing.

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