Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Congrats to Derek!!

On Sunday, my brother made the final table of the $5 Multi NL tourney on Party Poker and came in 6th place. There were 1300+ players and first place got $1300+. Good job! Very impressed with his play!! He was pumped to play in the bloggers tourney later that night... to keep his hot streak going... and was super pissed when it did not pan out.

Besides Bad Blood, how many other bloggers made a final table at a 1000+ person multi on Party Poker? I was trying to figure this out. My best finish was 27th I think. Landow had an impressive finish in the money last Saturday. I know Boy Genius did very well (Top 20) once this summer.

So... I'm in Santa Fe, slightly hungover, but looking to take some pictures downtown today after lunch with Haley, her Mom, and a literary agent... then head off to the Cities of Gold casino to win back all the money Maudie lost last month! More to come.


Have any of you heard the New Orleans band: Galactic? They are one of my favorite bands not called The Grateful Dead or Phish. Their drummer, Stanton Moore, might be the greatest living drummer... on Earth or in this solar system. The band announced fall tour dates, including two shows in NYC this October. If they are in your home town, go see them. Trust me. Their shows are like New Orleans parties. Lots of dancing and plenty of fun. They bring the Big Easy to you. I'm already thinking about a mini-tour... seeing the boys in Boston > Providence > NYC... maybe even Philly or DC. Don't miss out. Check their website for ticket information.

Coventry, Part 3

E.T.s for sale in Shakedown...

I finally finished writing Part 3 of Coventry: A Vermont Pharewell. Check it out. I also posted plenty of random pictures as well from the last Phish shows, ever.

The Final Tally... The Last Tour:

Miles Driven: 2713
States Visited: 10 (including NY)
Speeding Tickets: 1
Phish Concerts: 6
Gas + Tolls: $232.85
Grilled Cheese Sandwiches Eaten: 7
Random Hugs from Hippie Girls: 15
Times I Was Hit in the Head with a Glowstick: 6
Miles Hiked in Vermont: 4
Al Can't Hang Sightings: 1
Puppy Stories: 2
Lawn Boy Sightings: 1
Times Molly Cried: 2.5
Cell Phone Antennas Broken: 2
Avril LaVigne/Phish Jam References Overheard at the Urinals: 3
Naked Pregnant Women Taking a Dump in Front of Me: 1

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