Sunday, August 22, 2004

Cities of Gold!

Maudie suggested I visit Cities of Gold while I'm in Santa Fe. Stay tuned for a trip report! When I told Haley that I was thinking about a run to the casino to play some cards, she admitted, "I want to come. I've been itching to play after watching Celebrity Poker Showdown all summer!"

For once, I am speechless. Moving on...

NYC Poker Rooms

Be sure to visit Riding the F Train to read up Asphnxma's reports about various poker rooms in my hometown. Some great stuff there.

Banning Religious Freaks from My Sites

I spent the last hour cleaning up the comment sections on my 34 blogs. OK, I don't have 34 blogs, but I write for four different ones regularly. And they have been hit by comments from some Jesus freak -- which I treat just the same as spam for penis pills, toe-sucking porn, or better credit card rates. I have banned your IP addresses from my comments section.

A warning to future spammers... have you ever been kicked in the junk before? If you spam my site, I will track you down and insure that your genital areas will experience a considerable amount of uncomfortable pain. I have plenty of friends in low places... don't forget in addition to being a drug addict, I also used to work on Wall Street... I know plenty of low forms of life that have nothing else better to do than stalk idiots like yourselves and kick them in the junk... all because I told them I'd give them two cigarettes, $5, and a coupon to Popeye's for a free biscuit.

I want to say that if I offended you or any of my readers... well, boo fuckin' hoo. You can worship who ever you want, but the second you post comments on my site directing me to hell or to your religious-themed website... you are no better than a two-bit spam artist and should be treated as such.

I know am going to hell, and I'm cool with that. So stop preaching to me and go save some drowning kittens.

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