Friday, August 06, 2004

Dream On

Looks like I made Al Can't Hang's fantasy dream team of poker bloggers. Check out: Poker Blogger Dream Team. Here's what Mr. Hang had to say:
Pauly and PokerProf have very special assignments. Someone has to document the historical accomplishments of the Dream Team. PokerProf will take care of the game action detail; Pauly will no doubt be enjoying and writing about the outside aspects of the game. Pauly also will double as the team's 'herbal' therapist. He makes even more money by selling the screenplay of his great American novel written about the Dream Team.
I made the list with some heavy hitters. Thanks ACH... but I'm way to humble to accept a slot. Due to concerns of rampant terror threats, lax security, and on the advice of my fiancee, my posse, my entourage, my gaggle of attorneys, my herbalist, my Kabbalah rabbi, my bookie, my doorman, and the Russian broad who does Haley's bikini wax... they all suggested that I not participate. I'd like to give up my slot to... Jack Lemon.

Ving Rhames hands over his Golden Globe to Jack Lemon

Back to Reality

Welcome back to my world. Please keep all hands and legs inside at all times, avoid the brown acid, and never... ever... feed the little furry things after Midnight. Anyway, I checked my stats and I only played online at Party Poker for less than 14 hours since Monday, for an impressive $30/hr win rate, with five consecutive winning sessions. I'll take those stats any time. I'm keeping my sessions short and I'm willing to walk away on a positive note. I made my first cash out since June. And that will go towards paying for some of my phun in the sun next week.

Pocket Rockets

I got dealt AA three times today in an hour, playing a wild, loose, fishy $25 NL table on Party Poker.

1. AA UTG and I raised $3. Guy next to me came over the top and doubled my bet. I moved all in and he called with KK. Nothing happened on the board. I busted him and he left right after the hand.

2. AA on the button. One guy in EP raised to $2. Four players called. I re-raised to $10 or 20x BB. Two callers including the LB and the original raiser. The flop: AJ2. Everyone checks to me and I bet the pot. The LB called. The turn: 2. The LB checked to me and I moved all in. The river: 2. His cards: J2o. Unreal, eh? I'm still removing specks of plaster from my scrapped knuckles after I put a decent sized hole in my brother's living room wall.

3. AA in MP. I raised and got two callers. The flop: Q83. The LB moved all in with 10-10, I called, the other guy folded and I took his entire stack.

Pocket rockets paid off 2 out of 3 times today, taking down KK and 10-10, and my full boat lost to runner runner quads. J2o? You must be kidding me. Another wild day at the tables.

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