Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Pauly's Pub College Football Pool

For the last few years I have been running a series of fantasy games and pools via and my friends have been battling one another for bragging rights in various Pauly's Pub pools. I will be running a couple this football season.

So, I'd like to invite my fellow bloggers (and a couple of loyal readers) to join my first pool... the infamous College Football Pick'em Pool.

It's free to join and it takes just a few minutes to set up an account on The winner of this year's pool will get either an authentic Pauly painting or a Phish t-shirt.

The season begins this Saturday, Sept. 4th. You have to sign up and do your picks before noon. The season is 12 or 13 weeks long. Once you set up your team and account, shoot me an email (or leave your email address in the comments) and I'll tell you my group name and password.

Helpful links:
College Pick'em Frontpage
How to Play

Last year, my buddy Spider's team Muff State Pieboys was crowned champion of the second annual Pauly's Pub College Football pool. Who will win it this year? Already, Signor Ferrari, and a couple of fellow poker bloggers signed up (Derek, Mr. Hang and Mr. Halverson)... so I'm hoping to get a decent showing.

Any questions, shoot me an email. Take care... and let's get ready to gamble on the Saturday afternoon misfortunes of 19 year old kids!

P.S. And if you are into NFL football, don't fear, I'll be running a pro pool as well. That one will be for cash prizes!! Wait until next week for details.

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