Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Week 11: Pauly-BG Gamblethon

We played a game called I'm with Stupid!" and I lost 139-111. I should have picked The Rolling Stones instead of The Who for famous British rock bands from the 1960s... not named the Beatles. Oh well. So The score is now Pauly 6, BG 5. And now I get to choose this week's bet.

Week 12: Pauly-BG Gambleton... Financial Markets

I picked 10 financial indexes. Boy Genius has to determine whether or not those specific markets will be UP or DOWN for the week... ending at the market close on this Friday. He needs seven correct guesses to win. Here the are:
1. DJIA (Dow Jones) - closed at 10,139.71
2. AMEX - closed at 1,240.34
3. NASDAQ - closed at 1,887.36
4. Gold Futures (Aug 04 futures) - closed at 393.30
5. Crude Oil (Sept 04 futures) - closed at 43.47
6. US Treasuries 30 year bond - closed at 102.7188
7. DAX (German stock exchange in Frankfurt) - closed at 3,853.54
8. FTSE 100 (British stock exchange in London) - closed at 4,402.10
9. Nikkei 225 (Japanense stock exchange in Tokyo) - closed at 11,222.24
10. Nike Stock (NKE = symbol) - closed at 72.90 on Friday
And here's what BG picked:
UP: US Bond, Gold, DAX, FTSE, Crude Oil
Down: DJIA, AMEX, NASDAQ, Nikkei, and Nike
Best of luck!!

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