Sunday, August 01, 2004

We Have a Winner!!

I am pleased to announce a winner of the Hilton Sisters Challenge 3. Guess who won? My brother of all people! He has a poker blog, Poker in the Weeds and plays online at Party Poker, so he was eligible.

If you think this contest was fixed... then you should have heard my brother's not-so-excited reaction when he told me that he cracked Aces with the Hilton Sisters. He said something like, "I have two paintings. And I already have an autographed copy of your novel." I'll have to come up with something good to give him.

When I hit the road for the last six Phish shows (next Monday) I will start up a new challenge! Stay tuned.

Congrats again to my brother! You can read what happened if you stop by Poker in the Weeds.

I heard that Rick Blaine cracked aces in a live tournament this weekend... but the event had to occur on Party Poker. Nice try Rick!

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