Sunday, August 08, 2004

Big Pimpin' Quality Scribes

There have been some solid poker writing in bloggerdom this past week. Here are some of the best of the bunch.

1. How to Beat Low-Limit No Limit is written by HDouble.
2. Synthesis is written by The Poker Prof.
3. David Sklansky Is a Sex Bomb is written by Mean Gene
4. Paging Lex Luthor is written by my main man Otis.
5. Iggy posted some interesting things about our favorite whipping boy Dutch 'Tool-Boy' Boyd.

By no means is this the best of the bunch. Plenty of other good stuff out there, especially from Boy Genius and Double As. I wanted to point out those five reads in case you were a little short on time or behind in your blog reading.

Padding the Bankroll

I won over $300 in Party Poker tournament prize money this week. I made the money in a $5 multi table SNG earlier today, placed in two $30 SNGs (winning one), and yesterday's 36th place money finish in the morning multi. My game plan this week was to play for the $25 ring games to generate enough cashola for various tournament fees, rolling over my money from the fish into possible prize money. It's been working and I hope to continue that strategy when I get back from my trip.

This morning, I saw Al Can't Hang flop a set with the Hilton Sisters, only to lose to a guy who caught running Jacks to spike quads on the river!! Insane.

Currently watching Bad Blood kicking ass in the morning multi. He made the money and is on his way to the final table!!

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