Thursday, August 19, 2004

More On the Road Tales

Even Homer Simpson made the show!

Coventry: A Vermont Pharewell... Part II is the second installment of the write up of my wild weekend. Thanks to everyone who stopped by my other blog to read the first part.

Here's a bit of my latest entry:
I saw the naked pregnant woman squatting down in the woods behind our tent. She was taking a shit. A nasty one too. I heard a several uncomfortable grunts and moans. Only at a Phish festival could you shrug off that scene. Sure it might have been the first strange thing I saw that day, but I was guaranteed that by Midnight, the naked pregnant chick taking a shit behind my tent would be the 136th weird-ass-happening that I'd experience.
And yes, there's plenty more... like these gems:
I saw plenty of freaks, like the kid wearing the skirt and holding the giant Chiquita banana, that the Joker and I saw in Brooklyn. And the fucked up gaggle of five sorority girls from Michigan, those Dave Matthews Band chicks, who were inhaling Jell-O shots like Britney Spears feasting on a huge cut of tube steak. Then there was the wookie who was passed out in the middle of the airport runway. One girl wearing angel wings was kind enough to leave him a bottle of water. Yeah, plenty of characters and that was all seen in a quick blink of 120 seconds.
And what's a write up without homage to the Jedi Master himself...
I was on a mission. I wanted to get snookered... and make an Al Can't Hang Happy Hour binge look like a choir girl from the Bible Belt enjoying some milk and cookies.
Oh yeah. Read all about it. I have been writing all day and I just started reading some of my favorite poker blogs. I'll try to hop onto Party Poker before I leave for Santa Fe.

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