Monday, August 09, 2004

On the Road, On Hiatus, and Inside the Paris Hilton... Part II

I'm hitting the road today. I can't wait. I'll be back to poker blogging by August 18th. Check the Tao of Pauly for on the road updates and setlists. No serious poker for me the next ten days. I will be seeing the final six Phish concerts all over the East Coast, ending up with a two day festival called Coventry.
8.9 Hampton, Virginia
8.10 Great Woods, MA
8.11 Great Woods, MA
8.12 Camden, NJ
8.14 Coventry, Vermont
8.15 Coventry, Vermont
The Vermont shows will be held in the middle of nowhere, and Coventry will balloon to the largest city in Vermont for the weekend as over 75,000 Phisheads traveling from all over the country to say good bye to their favorite band. I'm shooting some footage for my personal archives and when I have time, I'll eventually splice everything down to a documentary film. I will be meeting up with Daddy from Snail Trax and maybe we can find some dudes to play some late night cards. Here's a gallery of pictures from IT, last year's summer end Phish festival.

I'm on hiatus, so you know what that means? I'm starting up a new Hilton Sisters Challenge 4!!

Hilton Sisters Challenge 4

Your mission: Holding QQ you must crack AA in any game on Party Poker (except a $5 or $10 single table SNG). The time period is from: Monday August 9th from 6:00 PM EST thru Aug 16st at Midnight EST. That's 150 hours for the contest. Send me the hand history and make sure you type: Dr. Pauly loves Paris in the chat.

A tender moment with my favorite pair of Queens

Your prize: An authentic Pauly painting. And if you are not into the visual arts, I'll send you an autographed copy of my latest, unpublished novel The Blind Kangaroo instead.

I'll be adding a Bonus Bounty, but only poker bloggers are eligible for the bounty.

Super Bonus I: If you crack Al Can't Hang's AA with the Hilton Sisters, I will send you a Pauly Painting and a copy of the Paris Hilton sex tape, autographed by Al Can't Hang... of course. In addition, I'll also send you a bottle of Southern Comfort, and a hair net.

Super Bouns II: If you crack Maudie B's AA with QQ, you get a copy of Finding Nemo on DVD in addition to a Pauly Painting.

Super Bonus III: If you crack Iggy's AA with QQ, you'll get a Pauly painting and a case of Pabst Blue Ribbon! And I'll send Iggy a case of Guinness.

Super Bonus IV: If you crack HDouble's AA with QQ, you'll get a Pauly painting and a copy of The Big Lebowski on DVD.

Super Bonus V: If you crack any of the previous winners' (My brother, Chris Halverson and Bad Blood) AA with QQ, I will send you a copy of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance and a Pauly painting.

And in all fairness... if any of the bonus bloggers get their AA cracked this weekend, I'll send them a Pauly painting.

The Hilton Sisters Challenge 4 contest is only open to two sets of people. Set 1 includes all poker bloggers (with the exception of NemoD, Jerry, and Landow). Set 2 will include any readers of the Tao of Poker that use my Party Poker sign up code: TAO4 to open up a real money account now! Just visit this site to download the software. Sign up today and try to win yourself a cool painting.

My friend Boogie cooks in front of her Pauly painting.

Past Winners:
Hilton Sisters Challenge 1: Chris Halverson and Bad Blood
Hilton Sisters Challenge 2: No one
Hilton Sisters Challenge 3: My brother from Poker in the Weeds

Previous winners are eligible. Best of luck. Good hunting. Hope the ladies bring you luck. So what are you waiting for? Hit Party Poker now! And try to take down the next bounty! If you don't have an account, sign up today.... here.

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