Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Celebrity Sighting of the Day

Lizzie Grubman, Princess & Convict

Living in NYC, I run into random celebs all the time. Today, I was waiting to meet up with my friend Gil for lunch in Midtown and walking down the street was everyone's favorite drunken, reckless-SUV-driving, publicist Lizzie Grubman, who ran over 16 people who were waiting in line at a club in the Hamptons, before calling the bouncer "White trash!"

I actually saw her twice. On my walk to the subway, I caught a second glimpse of Ms. Grubman. To quote Gil, "She's ugly." He was being kind. To this day, our friend Senor will to continue deny rumors that he once dated the snookered, pink-clad Princess.

Haley just called me from Santa Fe. She asked how my day was going. I answered something like this... "Cool. Mary-Kate's out of rehab. I met Gil for lunch. I got back Mr. Dickhead. I saw Lizzie Grubman. Twice. And I came in second in a tournament on Party Poker for a $90 win. All that, before you even woke up today."

Yeah, I recently bumped up to $30 SNGs at the urging of both Signor Ferrari and Asphnxma. The players are a tad better and your preflop raises get more respect. The quality of overall play is less hectic. I grinded my way to the final six and was the shortstack. I doubled up with A-10 vs. 88 when I caught a flush on the turn (with five spades on the board) against the chip leader. In Level 7, I found KQo in the LB. I didn't respect a button raise (he had AJ) and river'd the poor guy when a Queen spiked to seal his doom and snag the chip lead. When it was heads up, I lost to 33 with my KJo.

So that was my first money finish in a $30 SNG. I played in my first one yesterday and bubbled out after flopping quad aces (see below). I'm trying to pad my bankroll before I hit the road on Monday.

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