Monday, July 19, 2004

Week 10: BG-Pauly Gamble-a-thon

We have reached the tenth week of the BG-Pauly Challenge. I hold the slight edge 5-4 overall. We have wagered on everything from VP nominees to celebrity deaths to box office numbers to guessing the height and weigth of fellow poker bloggers. Indeed, we'll bet on anything. This week, BG shifted the focus back to sports as we gambled on different prop bets involving the MLB all star game. I shall continue the sports route as we venture into gambling on women's basketball and cycling.

Week 10: Out of 12 possible points... you need to acquire 7 to win this bet. You will be picking winners (without spreads, straight up) of six WNBA games and trying to guess Lance Armstrong's lead/deficit in the Tour de France after the completion of Stage 17.

You get 1 point for each correct WNBA games. (Max 6 points)
Wed. July 21
Connecticut at Detroit
San Antonio at Phoenix
Washington at LA Sparks

Thu. July 22
Indy at Seattle
Minnesota at Connecticut
Phoenix at Sacramento
The Tour de France hits the Alps this week and that's where Lance Armstrong is at his best.

You get the following points guessing Lance Armstrong's lead/deficit (what you think he's up or behind (e.g. +3:45 = ahead in first place or -0:35 = behind thirty-five seconds):
6 points: exact score
5 points: within 1 to 15 seconds
4 points: within 16 to 30 seconds
3 points within 31 to 45 seconds
2 points: within 46 to 60 seconds
1 point: within 61 to 90 seconds
If Lance is ahead by 3:05 and you guess +2:30, you get 3 points. You can get points if you over shoot. Let's say you picked +3:30, then you get 4 points.

The Alps:
July 20, Stage 15: Valreas > Villard-de-lans
July 21, Stage 16: Bourg-d'oisans > L'Alpe-d'Hueuz
July 22, Stage 17: Bourg-d'oisans > Le Grand-Bornard

Best of luck. Send me your 6 WNBA picks and the Lance Armstrong's time after Stage 17 by Midnight, Monday.
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This will give me a good excuse to watch the WNBA.

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