Monday, July 26, 2004

Check and Raise Assholes... Update #1

A few developments. I got in contact with someone from the site and we started talking. He admitted to some things.

The facts:
1. A writer was contracted by the new poker site... and he stole content from the Tao of Poker.
2. The site paid for the stolen content.
3. The site published said content and passed it off as their own work.

OK, they wrote back fairly quickly. I assume it was from the slew of angry emails he got from my brother and fellow poker bloggers (thanks guys, you rule!). Or perhaps it was just a public relations move. Regardless, he contacted me.

More facts:
1. The list was removed.
2. I was finally asked permission for use of my orginial content.

I am glad that when I stood up and voiced my thoughts on the unfairness of the situation, I was answered. Am I overreacting? I don't think so. I like to fix leaks right away. If today someone steals my links and I let it slide, then someone will come along tomorrow and steal actual content. Appeasement never works. I'm letting everyone know now... that is not going to happen. I hope to end all this very soon.

Alas, this is still not over because I have a problem. The guy handling this matter will not give me the name and contact info of the wanker who stole from the Tao of Poker. That is very uncool. My contact said he admired my work (he claimed to be a fellow writer and journalist) but I cannot believe that he threw all artistic integrity out the window when he hid beind faux business ethics and protects a business associate... a known thief. His company's credibility was erased the moment they purchased stolen intellectual property and disrespected me.

And now they won't give me the name of the punk who started all this mess. Why are they protecting him? I think he needs to be outed for the inept hack that he truly is. He was so stupid, he didn't even bother to mix up the links a little. I'm shocked someone hired that nimrod. The idiot stole my stuff... and if he gets another chance, he'll steal from you too. This needs to end. And by spreading his bad name around, we'll be showing everyone that they need to respect other people's property and any attempt to gain monetary compensation for stolen property will be dealt with in a swift and harsh manner.

Bottom line: watch what you steal.

Whoever the thief is... be a man, and fess up to your act of cowardice.

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