Sunday, July 04, 2004

Fish Taking Bait at Foxwoods

Fish Taking Bait at Foxwoods... And unlike Red Sox, these Bosox fans never fold is an article written by Richard T. Pienciak and appeared in today's edition of the NY Daily News. Here's a bit:
I have learned two important lessons in the past several weeks about Texas Hold'Em poker: one, No Limit tournaments are much more difficult to master than regular money games; and two, it really helps to play at a table with young drunk guys, preferably the ones who like to wear their baseball caps backwards.
And here's my favorite part, when the author take money off a Red Sox fan:
During my glorious run at the $2/$4 Limit table, I get the opportunity during several hands to raise or re-raise the guy across the table wearing the colors of Fenway. A winning hand is that much sweeter.

On Tuesday night, many of the TVs in the poker room are broadcasting the Yankees-Red Sox game. The Yankees win 11-3. Yeah, baby. What more can a guy ask for? It's the ultimate exacta - win money at poker and watch the Yankees rip apart the Sox.
Nice, very nice.

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