Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Wait, Pauly You Have a Poker Blog?

Actual words from an actual friend of mine, who obviously never ventured off my other site Tao of Pauly to take a look at this madness.

I've been getting a nice flow of traffic from all reaches of the Earth. Very cool. Glad to know that people are not just interested in poker... but they are interested in quality writing about poker. That's the kinda stuff that gets me outta bed in the morning. That and the prospect of getting to drink beer before noon on a weekday down in a seedy bar in the Village. I haven't done that in a long time. Party Poker had been my addiction recently. It's kept me outta my favorite bars! There are bartenders missing tips all over the big city wondering, "Where the fuck did Pauly go? And that loud mouth blonde?"

Yeah, I miss the days when I used to stumble around the city with a moderate beer buzz early in the mornings after drinking with Haley and/or Briana. Our favorite actress is out in Santa Fe now working on an Ibsen play and poor Ms. Buttons is summering in Europe. You know someone is uber-rich when they blatantly use "summer" as a verb instead of a noun.
Help Wanted: I'm looking for new party girls in the NYC who will pick up my mid-afternoon bartabs and enjoy listening to me pontificate about poker and all things useless like politics and philosophy. Send me your resume, cover letter, and financial statement.
OK, back to poker talk. I actually took the time and visited every blog linked in my links section. Some of my fellow poker bloggers stooped blogging. Looks like they gave up. Blogging is a new fun hobby, but real blogging takes work and discipline.

Now as you know, if you visit my poker blog every day, you will most likely see a new post. I'm a fervent blogger. I'm addicted to words more than poker. Sometimes I actually make sense. Other times, I'm just sharing the internal dialogue inside my head.

How did I do last night at the tables? I rode a ridiculous $2 per minute win rate after playing less than a half hour at the NL ring tables. It was one of those days. Last night over 45,000 players were logged on.

Poker is the new crack.

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