Tuesday, July 27, 2004

A Message from Haley

This almost brought a tear to my eyes. It's definitely blogworthy. Here's something that Haley just posted in my comments:
I know you very well and aside from one other exception, I've never seen you so upset. Don't give up, McG!

This might seem trivial to some of you--but not for Pauly. He puts his heart into every word he writes. He doesn't have to share, but he does, without compensation and doesn't hold back. He isn't hiding behind an online character that is made up. He is as genuine in real life as he appears on his websites. Those of you who met him after forming a strong relationship online will tell you that is 100% true.

Some of you have become friends with him and know that having him in your life is a sincere blessing.

Some of you have been inspired by his words and started your own sites, and the rest of us are entertained by his unique outlook on all things in life, including poker.

If anything, Pauly is standing up today on an issue that at some point will affect every single one of you. Internet piracy is a fact that bloggers have to deal with. You should be thanking him for putting himself on the front line because tomorrow these same greedy lower forms of life with steal your content and make money off of your work.

I wish I had 2% of the passion Pauly has for writing that I could have for acting. I don't. His passion is so strong that I am afraid he is deadly serious about walking away from blogging.

I don't know what else to say. This is an ugly situation, and I'm sorry you're stuck in the middle of it. As an artist I will respect your decision to choose the proper path for your writing. As a friend, fan, and student of yours, I pray that you able to find a middle ground where you can feel comfortable with sharing your writings.

You touch people all over this world with your words. This is another one of your gifts. Please, don't let that go.
Thanks Haley, for your kind words and support.

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