Friday, July 02, 2004

Fourth of July Hilton Sisters Bounty!!

Hanging with the Hilton Sisters at the Bellagio

They're back! What could be a better tribute to America, than to give away some of my artwork in honor of America's most spoiled pair of Queens?

Your Mission: Holding QQ you must crack AA in any game on Party Poker. (With the exception of $5 and $10 SNGs. Any SNG over $20 or more is fine.)

The time period of this contest will be from 12:01 am EST Saturday July 3rd through Midnight Sunday July 4th. You got 48 hours to try to collect the Hilton Sisters Bounty.

Bonus Bounty: If you crack Dr. Pauly's pocket Aces with your Hilton Sisters... then I will pay for you to spend one night... Inside the Paris Hilton!!

That's right, I'll pick up the tab for one night's stay at the Hilton in Paris, France. I'm not bullshitting you. The only catch is... that I get to pick the night. You pay for airfare, food, etc... which sounds like a fair deal. My rules. Deal with it.

Please Note: The Hilton Sisters Bounty is open to all readers of my blog. The Inside the Paris Hilton Bonus Bounty is limited to poker bloggers (and these non-bloggers... Jerry, Landow, NemoD, and Hank 987.)

I'll be online on as much as I can this weekend, so look for me and try to take me down. If you are a blogger and want my screen name, drop me and email. If you crack Aces, send me the email of your hand history and blog the results.

Previous winners are eligible.

One of my paintings from 2001

Best of luck... See you at the tables and God Bless America,
Dr. Pauly

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