Thursday, July 29, 2004

A Penguin's Journey

Dr. Pauly with the Poker Penguin (courtesy of the Poker Hermit)

First of all, belated birthday greetings to the Poker Penguin. If you don't know, he's leaving New Zealand and heading off to Canada. That means he is putting his poker blog on hiatus. However, he also has a regular blog, which he says he will be updating from time to time. That is called: Years of the Sheep, Days of the Tiger.

Yeah, The Poker Penguin is one of my favorite writers in bloggerdom. I invited him to write for my blogzine Truckin' and since he submitted his first piece... he hasn't missed a deadline. The last few issues have been anchored by his stories, and for that I am grateful. Collaboration between artists is something that does not always work... but in this case, he was a great addition to the roster of Truckin' authors.

I anticipate that his new experiences will only make him a better writer, and I look forward to publishing some of his zany adventures in Canada, and if he can get to America... a Vegas weekend with the Penguin and yours truly would make history.

Godspeed, Penguin.

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