Sunday, July 18, 2004

Sunday Morning Party
I played in another multi-table poker tournament online at Party Poker. I wanted to improve on yesterday's crappy finish. This morning a few bloggers were playing including Al Can't Hang, My brother, and Maudie. 1273 players registered with over $6000 in prize money. First place paid $1273. Second place was $744. First 120 places make the prize money. My best finish to date: 47th!
Before the first break, Al Can't Hang was the first to bail out in 811th place. My brother ran out to a nice chip lead (among the bloggers). A few bad beats later, he was barely ahead of Maudie and myself. I played extremely conservative... folding playable hands in favor of letting all the maniacs knock themselves out early. Over half the field gets kncoked out in the first hour and I wanted to survive that onslaught. I played two hands... 77 and AK.
The hand before the first break I had KQ in the big blind. I flopped top pair and moved all-in. It was an agressive move, but since I was just recently moved to a new table, I wanted everyone to know that they shouldn't mess around with my stack. You better have a hand if you want to play with me. That pot helped put me over T1000. There was 679 players left after the first break, about half the field remained.
The Hilton Sisters hooked me up early. I put a short stack all-in and beat out A10s. I was looking good until AQo. I made a move... and raised to 5x the BB. I got one caller. The flop KK8. I made a move... a old fashioned bluff and moved all-in. The guy who called me preflop was the table chip leader and I put him on a middle pair or even AQ or AJ. He should have realized that with a monster raise preflop... that I had a high pocket pair or at least AK. He made a foolish move and called with 99! Why he called with that flop, I'll never know. I didn't catch any of my overcards and I was knocked out (again with AQ) in 583rd place.

Derek was out in 547th place. Maudie was bounced in 438th place and outlasted all of us today!

Saturday Party

I also played in a multi-table tourney yesterday morning. 1247 players including fellow bloggers Boy Genius and Al Can't Hang. First place paid $1247!!

11:07am... Al Can't Hang busted in 893rd place.

11:09am... Boy Genius eliminated in 885th place.

11:27am... I'm knocked out of the tournament when I went all-in with AQs. I lost to pocket aces! Eliminated in 690th place out of over 1200+.

I proceeded to play for 5.5 more hours at Party... seven hours in total for a net loss of $14. Just one of those days when it was a grind to almost break even. Plenty of swings. A few bad beats. I misread plenty of players. I punked out and folded when I should have pushed it all-in. And there were times I had second best hand... and lost a few pots. And yes, I made some bone head moves that would have gotten me benched by plenty of first rate college hoops coaches if I made similar moronic moves in an ACC tournament game.

The bankroll is hurting. I'm going to stick to betting on Women's hoops and the Malaysian beach volleyball league.

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