Saturday, July 17, 2004

Secret Smile

A couple of random thoughts this morning.

1. I write on various topics, and most of my stuff can be found in cyberspace. I was invited to contribute to an online poetry workshop called Getting Glassier and Glassier. I've already posted two poems this week; the last one included an obscure poker reference, that all of my readers will definitely get. Yes... I just don't write about poker. As one of my close friends pointed out, I am a diverse writer, and the content of my writing stretches all over the bloggersphere...
1. From everyday things, living in NYC, and pop culture (Tao of Pauly)
2. Ficiton and travel stories (Truckin')
3. Poker and gambling (Tao of Poker)
4. International affairs and domestic politics (This Side of the Truth)
In case you were wondering, I do it all for free.

2. My mom won a $300+ jackpot playing the 25cent slots at Mohegan Sun casino in Connecticut the other day. She handed me $25, a cut of her winnings, when I stopped by yesterday to pick up my snail mail.

3. I won a betting pool involving the Martha Stewart sentencing trial with some stockbroker friends of mine at JP Morgan. I had to chop the pot between an equities trader and a secretary... because we all picked 5 Months for Martha's sentence. Oooh, too bad they didn't wait one more week, that way I could have bet on Martha's sentencing with BG for our weekly prop bet.

4. Bad Beat of the Week: $25 NL ring game on Party Poker. I limped in UTG with KK. With just one raiser and two loose callers, the button pushed all-in. I called, three others folded, and it was heads up. My KK vs. his 65o. Of course, I lost on the river, when he caught running low cards to get his 7 high straight.

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