Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Make or Break Hands

I dug through my notes this morning and figured out the last five winning hands and last five losing hands... in decent sized pots.

Last 5 Losing Hands:
1. K8 (BB) to A8s
2. AKs to 10-9
3. AQ to 99
4. A-10 to KQ
5. AK (UTG) to QQ

Last 5 Winning Hands:
1. AJ beat K-10
2. JJ beat AQ (when I hit my four of a kind!)
3. QQ beat A-10s
4. AA beat KQs
5. AKs beat KQ

I was the underdog in three of the losing hands, with two bad beats. And in all my winners, I had the better hand perflop.

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