Tuesday, July 06, 2004

First Thoughts on the WSoP

9:32pm EST: $2,000 NL event... that James Vogl kid sure looks like the dweeb from the American Pie movies. I just saw Shawn Rice from Texas take down a pot with quad 9s. Very nice. Flipping channels and I see one of the chicks (Sara Rue) from Celebrity Poker Letdown in her sitcom on ABC. So that's her day job.

10:12pm EST: $1,500 Stud event... wait, is that a mullet on Ted Forrest?

10:50pm EST: Playing a $5 SNG on Party Poker with 44,000+ other players. That's a lot of fish. Watching Men the Master after he snarfed on his Corona. My brother said, "Only in America do they openly promote guys shit talkin' and drinking while gambling."

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