Monday, July 05, 2004

Hilton Sisters Bounty Update and Other Lewd Tales

The winner is.... nobody. A few of you gave it a shot and even tried to win a free visit inside the Paris Hilton. I'll let you know when I'll do the next bounty.

I have found my niche playing $20 NL SNGs on Party Poker winning a profitable percentage of the ones I enter. Just yesterday I took a third and first place finish, and had a few cyber railbirds cheering me on. My bankroll took a nice sized dent since my return to online poker after a two week breather. I will attempt to replenish my account before I bump up to few $30, which I hope to start playing on a regular basis by the end of the summer.

The NL ring games on Party Poker are a rollercoaster some days. The swings are huge, unpredictable, and profitable and if you can handle the bad beats and moronic calls (all in preflop J8s vs Dr. Pauly's AA), then you can find yourself padding your gaunt bankroll against plenty of players who think two pair is a monster hand.

I wish I can say my NL ring game play was stellar. My mind and body are fresh... but some of my calls have been questionable for sure. It wasn't a good weekend. The SNG wins barely covered the NL ring games loses. This morning I played a few hours at the NL tables while I watched my brother play in the morning multi. And after almost three hours of play, I walked away with a whopping... $3. Three friggin' dollars. That's an hourly win rate of $1 for some of you without calculators handy. It was one of those days when I figured I'd do better panhandling for loose change than trying to make a decent buck at the tables.

Man... if I let testy New Yorkers urinate on me while curled up in the fetus position on the floor of unkempt subway car for three hours... I'd net at least $15. And some enclaves of this eccentric city, that's called art. In other places, it's called Happy Hour.

I feel a rush coming on. Very soon.

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