Monday, June 07, 2004

Week 4: BG-Pauly Gamble-thon... Deadheads!

This week's prop bet, as chosen by me: How many Grateful Dead concerts have Iggy and Maudie seen combined? The over/under is 10.5.

Boy Genius picked the Under. I'm thinking around 15 or 16. Iggy's a Deadhead. And based on some her stories from the Nixon era, I'm guessing that Maudie's seen Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds way before she started flopping diamond nut flushes. Hehehehheehehe.

Anyway, I think I have the Week 3 wager locked up... guessing the combined weight and height of random poker bloggers. Just waiting for confrimation.

I lost Week 2: Shrek 2's Memorial Day weekend grosses when I over estimated a whopping $151 million. I won Week 1: Who will die first... an actor or musician? when Tony Randall died.

Alas, Iggy and Maudie, settle this bet for us and let us know how many shows you've seen!!

Editor's Note: I know that Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds is a Beatles song, which The Grateful Dead covered from time to time. Ironically, at my last Grateful Dead show in June 1995... the last song I ever heard played was.... Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. In case you were wondering, I saw The Grateful Dead 46 times... all before my 23rd birthday. My first show? My 15th birthday in 1987 at Madison Square Garden, here in NYC. I have been a Deadhead ever since.

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