Sunday, June 06, 2004

Al Can't Hang: The Home and Home Series

Wow. I cannot believe I lasted 12 hours of drinking with the legendary Al Can't Hang... and I didn't puke! (Yet... that's a big YET!)

Seriously, I watched the Master SoCo-ologist down no less than 30 shots... starting at 2pm and ending up close to 2am. 30 shots. I don't drink 30 shots in one year, let alone a half of a day!!

Here's what Al Can't Hang wrote on his site before he started his weekend trip to NYC:
I am a mere two hours from the NYC side of the Al and Pauly home-and-home series. I got my maps, my directions, and my MAC10 ready to go. My goals are set low. I no longer wish to drink all the SoCo in Manhattan, I'll settle for drinking one bar out of the nectar...

In honor of my trip north to Pauly land, here's the top 5 things I want to do in NYC.
1. See a Met's game. Easy
2. See a Yankee's game. Easy
3. Get drunk.Could be tough. Tolerance high along with the prices.
4. Get myself AND Pauly drunk. Could be very tough. Pauly showed impressive resistance to my calls for shots.
5. Get the wifey drunk. Easiest. She's probably got a booze already.

That's it for the weekend. Writeups starting on Monday if I'm alive.
Yep, Mrs. Hang and Mr. Hang came prepared for a long weekend of baseball and drinking! More to come... but for now I just wanted to let everyone know that I am alive. I have both my kidneys in tact. My liver... is a whole other story. But suffice to say, I hoisted a shot of Southern Comfort (the nectar of the Gods... as Al Can't Hang calls it) and barhopped with the Hangs in two boroughs! We also witnessed a Yankees loss, a Smarty Jones defeat, and an ugly 2OT defeat of my beloved Calgary Flames!! That hurt.

And yes, Al Can't Hang ate a Gray's Papaya hotdog. Be back later with more details.

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