Saturday, June 05, 2004

Dr. Feelgood

It's Saturday morning. I got up early to write a new short story, eat bagels, and watch the French Open. I'm not a big tennis fan. I had money on the Russian broad. My brother is playing in a the $5 + $1 Multi on Party Poker. I went over to my Mom's apartment so I could sweat him and play an hour or two at the $25 NL Ring games. And yes, HDouble, the NL games have been very fishy the past week or so. I never saw so many nimrods go all-in preflop... with absolute garbage. Too many Gus Hansen minions out there, trying to bluff-steal pots preflop with Q-10o or even 5-6s, coming over the top of people who bet 8x the BB (holding AA, KK, or AKs.) Keep 'em coming! All I have to do is wait for the nuts, then pounce.

Last night, I played a little $1-2 with my favorite Minnesota blogger, Mr. Halverson. It was a treat especially because there was a guy who kept making fishy calls... (e.g. losing to me twice in a row with inferior kickers.) I saw him drop 22 BB in 15 minutes. He reloaded after I busted him. I admit, I chased two flushes all the way down to the river and caught them both, taking down two huge pots... which is one of the tempting and dangerous aspects of low limit poker. For only $2, I'll see another card. In NL, if you're up against a solid player, they'll put you all-in to chase that flush. I won about 8BB in a short hit and run session. Would have won more if I didn't get Nicky & Paris cracked by KK.

I've been a bubble boy the last few $20 SNGs. Keep getting to 4th place without the benefit of any cards. Haven't seen too many monster hands recently. They'll come around eventually.

Smarty Jones could make history this afternoon. I put money down on Purge and Rock Hard Ten... just in case Smarty doesn't handle the slop.

I'm off to Yankee Stadium today to see the Bronx Bombers take on the Texas Rangers. I'm meeting Al Can't Hang and Mrs. Hang before the game for afternoon cocktails. Updates to come.

Later taters,
Dr. Pauly

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