Monday, June 14, 2004

Getting Ink
"Blogs are the new tattoos." - Me
I secretly love seeing my name on other people's blogs. Here's two recent instances. Boy Genius recapped a conversation we had. Check out his entry called: The New Tattoos:
I was talking with Pauly on Saturday, in very general terms about, to borrow a phrase, the viral phenomenon of blogs.

Pauly's line, one that I feel is apt, is that "blogs are the new tattoos." Everybody is going to have one, or already does.

Viral, actually, is a terrific adjective to describe blogs, as the Howard Dean campaign proved early on. For better or for worse, Dean's supporters utilized blogs to at once rally and corral the troops.
Yes. And of course, I'm getting ink in New Zealand. The Poker Penguin recently mused about our conversations regarding Shakespeare. Here's a bit:
Pauly (Tao of Poker) and I both fessed up in emails to having memorised bits of Shakespeare. Now, this is actually a surprisingly fun thing to do. Big Will had a hell of a grasp of the English language, and memorising it as a speech puts it in a whole new light from reading it or watching it as a performance. It's a far more active way of understanding the text.

Pauly admitted to knowing parts of Hamlet. Which fits, I mean, I can just see Pauly in a wacko state, going on a murderous spree of vengeance (or at least writing insulting things about them). But really, I can only speculate on him.

Me, I know Richard III's soliloquy (Now is the winter of our discontent...) and one of *the* speeches from Henry V (What's he that wishes so? My cousin westmoreland) yes, it's the band of brothers speech.

Henry V is how I'd like to see myself, or even be. A brave, noble leader who is a lover and a fighter. I'd settle for being able to convincingly imagine this was the case. Richard III, by contrast is how I fear / believe I actually am. A devious, ugly (in body and soul), selfish bastard.

Niether are entirely true. Which is the way with so many things in life.

So really, this entire monster ramble has no real point, and just shoves the poker content futher into the archives.
See poker bloggers just don't blog about poker!!

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