Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Ugarte the Comedian

Support a new and upcoming comic this week! Yep, Ugarte was a lawyer and quit his job to follow his dreams. I applaud him for that. Here's what Ugarte had on his site:
I wrote earlier that I quit my job in order to try my hand at stand-up comedy. Consider this an invitation to join me as I take my first shaky newborn-foal steps into that career. I will be appearing twice next week and can use as much support as you can muster. For those who don't know how these things work, open mic nights are "bringer" shows, which means I need to bring a certain number of people to get the stage time. So when reserving, say that you are there to see Charles Star. If you don't say my name, I don't get credit for your presence.

On Tuesday, June 1, I will be at Gotham Comedy Club (34 W. 22d St.) to compete in the "Amateur Jewish Comic of the Year" contest. The show starts at ~6:20PM (so they can hustle us out of there in time for the seasoned pros at 9, I suspect), so you should get there early to be seated. Make reservations (highly recommended, if not a must) at 212-367-9000. The name, once again, is Charles Star.

On Wednesday, June 2, I will be at Stand-Up NY to compete in the "Funniest Lawyer in NY" contest. The show starts at 9, but you need to arrive by 8:30 to be seated. Again, reservations are highly recommended. Call 212-595-0850. Did I mention that you have to say my name? It appears above.

Both shows are $12 + 2 drinks. I hope you can make it and thanks for all of your support.
Yes, I'll try my best to make it one night, but if you are in the NYC area, support a fellow poker blogger and make sure you go and see Ugarte!

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