Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Name Change

For all of you that watch me play on Party Poker, I have changed my screen name. I am no longer: PaulyMcGrupp. I have a brand new name. If you want to know... just shoot me an email and I'll send you my new moniker.

I think I read it somehwere in a post from Lord Geznikor, how he was considering changing his Party Poker name. It was funny, because that same exact morning I read his post... I decided that perhaps I should go for a name change too. He had some valid reasons... and after something my brother said... about people tracking him based on his worst moments... that made me realize that I should mix things up a little bit. Recently in this past month, I logged more hours on Party Poker than I had the previous two months combined. I have recognized plenty of regular players, and it's wise to assume they did the same for me. Sure, it feels pretty cool to be recognized by readers of the Tao of Poker.... but fame and popularity was not the reason why I started playing cards... and it was definitely not the reason why I started this blog.

Alas, if you are a reader, or you like to sweat my games or perhaps you like playing with me... by all means, contact me and I'll tell you my new screen name. I just want to make it harder for the opposition to play against me. I know y'all can understand that.

And yeah, I chose a name that can be loosely associated with me. I partially used one of the titles of one of my four novels. If you have read any of my other sites... you might be able to guess my screen name without me telling you. There's the only hint I'll give ya.

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