Thursday, June 10, 2004

All Tied Up

What a long strange trip it's been... Posted by Hello

Boy Genius and I are all tied up.... 2-2 with our prop bets. Yes, he gave me the win for Week 3 and I finally have the results for Week 4's bet.

The over/under for how many Grateful Dead concerts Maudie & Iggy have seen is: 3.5

Iggy told me he saw 3 Dead shows (I estimated he saw 6) and Maudie admited on her website that she doesn't know...
Oh....and The Grateful Dead? I was on my way from Santa Fe to Taos on a solo road trip through New Mexico when I heard on the radio that Jerry Garcia had died. I thought an era had come to an end. Apparently not. When did I see them? I don't know. I don't honestly know if I've seen them or not....if I did it was in college during the 'fog' - which would be totally appropriate that I wouldn't remember a Dead concert. So...I'd have to say that the number of times I've seen The Grateful Dead is from zero to I don't know....sorry, Pauly.
I decided to give her a half a show. For a grand total of 3.5 shows combined. Well under the set number by me. Good job, Boy Genius!!

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