Thursday, June 17, 2004

On the Road, On Hiatus, and Inside the Paris Hilton

I'm going back to Deer Creek, IN

I've been awaiting today for several months. I love being on the road. It's one of my passions. Tonight, marks the start of the first leg of Phish's summer tour. They kick off two shows in Brooklyn tonight. I'll be seeing six shows (out of eight) in total spanning NYC > Saratoga Springs, NY > Deer Creek, Indiana... and following the band on their tour. I'll also be spending some time in Toronto, Chicago, and Grand Haven, Michigan on my way back to NYC. The second leg of the summer tour is in early August.

Obviously, the Tao of Poker will be on a ten day hiatus. I'll be back to blogging on Monday, June 28th. I will have limited internet access and I'll be camping out for a few nights. And yes, the rumors are true. I will be crashing Boy Genius' home game and meeting the legend himself, as well as meeting fellow poker blogger Lord Geznikor. Expect a write up for sure.

What should you do in the meantime?

1. Read the Tao of Pauly for on the road updates and setlists.
2. Read the birthday issue of Truckin', my literary blogzine.
3. Log onto Party Poker and try to win the Hilton Sisters Bounty.

Hilton Sisters Are Ball Busters

Pair of Queens

Wait, Dr. Pauly, what's the Hilton Sisters Bounty?

Your mission: Holding QQ aka the Hilton Sisters, you must crack AA.

Simple. Right? Email me your hand history and post it to your blog. You must crack AA with the Hilton Sisters in any game except a $5 SNG. Multis, ring games, and other SNGs are fine. The contest is only open to bloggers during the following time period... Thursday, June 17th 8pm EST thru Sunday, June 27th at Midnight HDouble time... and it has to be on Party Poker. The Bounty starts tonight, so don't miss out.

The winner will get an authentic Pauly Painting.

One of my paintings

FYI... I'm not giving away this specific painting. It's just a sample. For a quick view of some of my other paintings, visit: Pauly Paintings. I think that the contest is simple in it's rules. But we shall see what happens. I wonder who will be the proud new owner of a Pauly painting? I'll throw in a bonus prize if you write: Dr. Pauly loves Paris in the chat.

Go Read Truckin'

Ok... now here's part of the front page to my blogzine:

Truckin' June 2004 (Vol. 3, Issue 4)

Welcome to the birthday issue of Truckin'. I started this idea two years ago and it's still here. This special issue features nine stories! Three from your fellow poker bloggers.

1. A Harmonica Subway Story by Tenzin McGrupp

A one-armed, harmonica-playing pan handler slowly walked into the subway car. I did a double take. I had never seen a one-armed harmonica player before... More

2. Tequila and Bad Weed by Richard Bulkeley

"Tequila - it makes you horny"... I grinned at the bartender when Lisa returned and he gave me another conspiratorial wink. We quickly sank our tequila and left... More

3. Anna and the King Queen Suited by BG

She grabbed the cards off the table for the third time, sweeping them up and clutching them to her chest in one quick motion, lest anyone get a glimpse of anything on the other side. She peeled the corners back and saw the cards again... More

4. She Smelled Like Fresh Flowers by Tenzin McGrupp

Ivan walked into the Tavern and saddled up to the bar. Charlie quickly slid over a double shot of Stoli and a glass of ice water. Ivan picked up the vodka with his right hand and downed it in an easy, swift motion... More

5. Stories from the Bar: Road Trippin' with the Band by Al Can't Hang

It took an incredibly long time to calm this fracas down. Four band members, a large crowd of bar patrons, and Al Can't Hang scuffling in the streets. I was alternating between peace maker, offensive lineman, and paramedic to intoxicated, hyped up, aggressive musicians... More

6. Partying Brazilian Style by Armando Huerta

Everyone on the beach is wearing white, a Brazilian custom meant to symbolize starting the new year with a clean slate. The sight of 1.5 million people wearing white and milling about on the sand is one that everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime... More

7. The Tract by Jessica E. Lapidus

I was drunk and insane when I stumbled into the stinking, damp, pissed-on subway. Four in the morning. Big mistake. Three teenagers across from me seemed to be enjoying their last free weekend before the start of school. They were laughing and grinning, white lollipop sticks protruding from their swollen lips... More.

8. Baki Baki: A Miami Story by Tenzin McGrupp

I was slipping and sliding physically and mentally the entire night. Never mess with a man on a mission, lost in the fuddled reality between sobriety and utter madness... More

9. I'm Taking Off My Pants! by Senor

The cop leaned over and whispered into my ear, "Mr. Senor, I will not ask you to remove your underwear in this public place. However for security reasons I must ask you to let me have a peek"... More

OK, kids. That's it for now. Good luck at the tables everyone. See y'all when I get back.

Boogie on,
Dr. Pauly

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