Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Phishy Thoughts from the Road
"Brain dead and made of money, no future at all..." - Phish

I'm going to miss Deer Creek

I posted a monster write up of my Phishy travels to my other blog, the Tao of Pauly. Here's a sample...

Following Phish is the closest thing to being a rock star that I will ever experience. Sure, I don't get up on stage every night, but I'm living the lifestyle, which is probably more fun without any of the responsibilities of holding iconic rock star status. Unlike Trey, I don't have a thousand barefoot children outside my house, dancing on my lawn.

Following Phish is like being a rock star. I'm on the road, in a different city every night, mostly places I never would choose to visit if you put a gun to my left testicle. I stay up very late, way past seeing the sun rise after partying hard while a steady flow of cheap booze and expensive drugs which they eagerly line themselves up for quick ingestion into my body. I'm always kickin it with some friends, but usually complete strangers, and it really doesn't matter, because they thought I was a golden God among pimps and hustlers, and that's a high I hope some of you get to feel once in your life. Alas, when I do wake up, with wicked cotton mouth and a groggy head, it's always in a different place; lying face down in a middle of a cornfield with a dozen mosquito bites on my hand, or passed out on a friend's couch with his dog licking my face, or curled up in generic bed in some generic hotel with a young girl fast asleep, her angelic face vaguely familiar and her hippie name a thousand miles away from any semblance of me trying to recall it when she eventually wakes up... More

Editor's Note: If you are not familiar with Phish, I posted a Glossary of Terms and Slang... for a little help if you get confused with the lingo.

I'll be posting a write up of the tournament at chez Boy Genius later today. Stay tuned! And yes, I will be making a return back to the tables on Party Poker within the next 24 hours to end my two week hiatus from playing online.

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