Thursday, June 03, 2004

Random Referrals: Phil Laak and Paris Hilton?

I have been getting a steady stream of traffic for people looking for: Phil Laak Bio from Google and other search engines. He won last night's event on the WPT. So that makes sense. This morning I got a hit for someone looking for: Paris hiltons high-end purse collection.

I'm throwing those random websurfers a bone. Here's the WPT bio for Phil "Uanbomber" Laak.

And for Paris Hilton's high end purse collection seekers... you're shit out of luck.

Yesterday, I had someone stumble upon the Tao of Pauly looking for: shit + airline + beverage cart.

If I got drunk enough on a flight from Vegas to NYC, while sitting in first class with Phil Laak, I'm sure the degenerate gambler in me could be cajoled by the Unabomber or even Boy Genius into taking a dump in one of Paris Hilton's high end purses, instead of the standard deviant defecating on a beverage cart boisterous behavior. I'd love to see the look on Paris' face when she opens up her purse to powder her nose and finds a nice hunk of the Tao of Poker in her designer, baby seal skin, $1200 handbag... big enough to hold a compact, a cell phone, a vibrator, and one full bowel movement.

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