Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Week 3 BG-Pauly Gamblathon

Week 1... Tony Randall died and I won $5.

Week 2... Shrek 2 failed to gross 151 Million over the four day holiday and I lost $5.

Week 3... it's a carnival sideshow! Here's what Boy Genius suggested for this week's prop bet:
We're all tied up... Pauly and I are knotted at one win apiece going into week three of our $5 weekly gambling challenge. He and Tony-fucking-Randall took week one, and I rode significantly under the still over-performing abilities of a friendly ogre to take week two.

Week three's question:

What do the numbers 69 and 180 have in common?

Give up?

They are, respectively, the average height (in inches) and weight (in pounds you un-American kilobastards) of the adult male in this country.

The bet is:

Take these poker bloggers and guess whether they fall over or under the combined figure of 249 (inches+pounds) when adding height and weight:

Intrepid Card Player
BadBlood on Poker
Love and Casino War
Cheap Thrills
Chris Halverson
Monte Christo
Genius of the Poker
Chicago Phil
Poker Penguin

I haven't met any of these guys, and short of that picture of Chris Halverson online a couple of weeks ago (and he might be exactly 5'9" and 180 lbs), I haven't seen pictures or went trolling to figure out if they ever wrote about height and weight.

My guesses:
ICP - Under
BadBlood - Under
Love and Casino War - Over
Cheap Thrills - Under
Grubby - Over
Chris Halverson - Under
Monte Christo - Over
Genius - Under
Chicago Phil - Over
Penguin - Over

He who gets the most right wins (of course, we need to get results from these guys - if you're one of these bloggers, wait until Pauly posts his O/U guesses, and let us know!). Good luck!
Wow, that's one monster prop bet! I decided to go with the gut on this one. And here are my picks:
ICP - Under
BadBlood - Under
Love and Casino War - Under
Cheap Thrills - Under
Grubby - Over
Chris Halverson - Over
Monte Christo - Under
Genius - Under
Chicago Phil - Over
Penguin - Over
We have simialr picks. It comes down to Halverson, Monte Christo, and Jeremy from Love & Casino War! I will post the results as soon as they come available!!!For the record, I am 6 ft tall and between 172-178 pounds. So I think I'm under!! I tipped the scales at 205 in college one year.

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