Sunday, March 19, 2006

WPBT WSOP Satellite Reminder!

Paradise Poker: Win a seat to WSOP.  Satellites running nowWe're less than 11 hours away from the start of the first WPBT WSOP satellite on Paradise Poker. Thanks to Iggy who set it up. Now, why haven't you signed up yet?

Here are the details:
What: WPBT WSOP NL Satellite
When: Sunday March 19
Time: 9pm EST
Where: Paradise Poker
How Much: $30
Password: email iggy at allimcbeal_69 -
Restrictions: Bloggers only!

First place wins a seat into the 2006 WSOP $1500 event of their choice. Because of Paradise's software, we need 55 players to pull this off. The $30 buyin fee includes the juice, so in reality its a $27 + 3 event.
* * * * *

Last night, I watched Joe Speaker make a run at a seat in the WSOP main event over at Poker Stars. It was a 4000 FPP buy-in event, and Joe Speaker was the chipleader with 3 players remaining and the top 2 paying out seats. They did a $1K save for 3rd place, but only first and second place would go to the big dance winning $10K seats. Joe Speaker had one of the most brutal suckouts I've seen in a long time. He flopped a set of aces with A-A and some assclown with 3-4 caught a gutshot Wheel on the turn. That hand crippled Joe Speaker and he was out soon after in 3rd place. Ouch. I was rooting for him harder than I rooted for anyone.

Chin up Joe! You'll have a shot of winning a seat into a smaller event tonight, and I'm convinced that you have one of the best shots out of all the bloggers to win a seat in the big one.

Also last night, I played in one of those $20 180 person SNGs on Poker Stars with Derek and Change100 where the final two tables get paid. Change100 was busted in the mid 20s, and I took 20th. I missed the money by 2 spots. Derek had less chips than me and he ended up squeaking into the money in 18th place. The deck hit Derek in the face early on and he was in the top 10-15 in chips for most of the tournament.

Mid-way through, Maudie called me for a dial-a-shot. She was in Kansas of all places and called me from the Human Head's living room! I got to chat with Maudie, Mrs. Head, and the Human Head himself.

I got hands early and I had nothing late. If I didn't decide to take a coin flip with four tables remaining, I would have been busted a lot sooner. I had AQs and raised 4x the BB from EP and some loose-hyper-ADD kid who pushed all in on every other hand, moved all in right behind me. I had been playing tight. I hoped and prayed that he had a weak/middle ace, or at best a middle pair. I took a deep breath, muttered, "Fuck it!" and I called. He flipped over 10-10 and I flopped a Queen and turned two pair when an ace fell. I went from one of the short stacks to over 11K at that point. Too bad I went card dead. With not much of a stack, I lost most of my chips when I went for a steal when it got down to 22 players. I don't play to make the money. I play to win it all. Alas, I got busted on the button when I moved all in with a short stack. Of course the big blind had A-8s and the small blind had A-10 and they both flopped an ace.

Last week was a losing week for me, capped off by a horrible session last weekend. This past week I had been on a mini-rush kicking ass at the $5/10 tables on Party Poker plus a decent night at the Blue Parrot which I'll write up on Monday or Tuesday. I can't seem to book a winning session on Poker Stars it seems.
Recent Poker Playing Music...
1. Trey Anastasio Band
2. The Wood Brothers
3. The Band with Bob Dylan
4. Soulive with John Scofield
5. Eric Dolphy
For the March Madness pool, AlCantHang is still in first place. I finished yesterday 3-3 and hit two big bets to end up +205 for the day after Gonzaga pulled out a tough victory over Indiana. I'm -345 overall, which is great since I'm 9-13 in bets. I'm gonna try to make it all up with one team today... UNC -6 over George Mason. I also like Derek's team Bucknell gettting 8.5 over Memphis. The boys from Bucknell are also +350 with the money line and I can't ignore that juicy line! I took them with the points and with the money line two nights ago and prevailed.

That's it for now... don't forget to sign up for the first WPBT WSOP satellite tonight at 9pm. If I decide to live blog it... those updates will appear below.

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