Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Pimp Day Wednesday and On the Road

I'm leaving for the bright lights on Sin City later today flying out of NYC on JetBlue, the official airline of the Tao of Poker. It's the start of a six-week West Coast excursion that will take to both Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Due to an unexpected last-minute assignment, I have to be in LA on Saturday and will be driving from Vegas to the City of Angels for two days before I return to Las Vegas for other work and business meetings. I hope to elaborate more about this weekend very soon. At any rate, I'm excited to be hanging out with my buddy Senor during our annual trip to Las Vegas for March Madness. We're staying at the Mirage and I expect to make back all the money I lost last week/weekend on the NCAA hoops games. Stay tuned for random updates.

Here are my picks (for now):
Thursday Games:
LSU +6.5 over Duke
Texas -5 over West Virginia
UCLA -3.5 over Gonzaga
Bradley +6.5 over Memphis

Friday Games:
George Mason -2 over Wichita State
Connecticut -6 over Washington
Georgetown +3 over Florida -3
Villanova -2.5 over BC
Moving on... it's time to pimp a few things inlcuding the new issue of Truckin'!

Congrats again to Gracie who won the first WPBT WSOP satellite on Sunday night! She rocked. This pic is my favorite pic of me and Gracie taken in December at the blogger's get together.

Byron has set up the second event of the WPBT-POY Circuit which will take place on Sunday at 9pm EST on Full Tilt. I'll do my best to make it.
When: Sunday March 26 at 9pm EST
Where: Full Tilt Poker (check Private Tourney tab)
What: NL Fat Stacks (T3000 to start)
How Much: $20 + 2
Password: wpbt72
Felicia has a new post up. It's Part 3 of her Psychology and Poker series called Be Yourself. It's a must read.

HDouble's posts these days have the frequency of the Hale-Bopp Comet. Check out... Learning to Beat the Game. And there's no coincidence that several mass suicides have been reported in Japan days after an HDouble post. Hmm....

Tonight, the Travel Channel is going to air the WPT Borgata Open which was won by Al Ardebili. Take a peek at an interview I did with Al Ardebili.

Last year, the guys over at Wicked Chops Poker profiled me for an installment of Blogfiles. They did something with Bill Rini this past week. Worth a look.

Thanks to my Top 10 Referrals in March. Keep up the good work.
1. Las Vegas and Poker Blog
2. Guinness and Poker
3. Up for Poker
4. Tao of Pauly
5. Wicked Chops Poker
6. Pot Committed
7. Aaron Gleeman
8. Maudie's Poker Perspectives
9. Poker Nerd
10. Jackmama Poker
* * * * *

Truckin' - March 2006, Vol. 5, Issue 3

Lastly, take a peek at the LA issue of Truckin' that includes a face lift and a new look! This issue features some of the best bloggers in the greater Los Angeles area contributed stories and tales about their beloved city.
1. Let's Do Lunch by Tenzin McGrupp
We were surrounded by a gaggle of trendoids and pharmaceutically bloated ex-actress-model girlfriends of semi-famous directors who carried around eight balls in their $2,500 Marc Jacobs purses... More

2. For Sale by Joe Speaker
Two stories, four bedrooms plus the den, four baths. Too big for the three of them, but they planned to live there a long while, growing both family, possessions and equity. Of the three, they only managed the last and that was nothing but serendipity... More

3. The Pitch by factgirl
From my office I can see downtown with its chewy cloud of smog. My boss's office has the better view – the Hollywood sign. The sign is much closer than downtown, which tricks the eye into believing the air here is better. Its not... More

4. Heat by Shane Nickerson
As I glanced around the party, I couldn't help but feel a certain sense of achievement. After all, I was on the Warner Brothers backlot at one of the hottest events in town... More

5. Paging Dominic Leare by Change 100
He hadn't showered in weeks. A poster of his Oscar-winning film hung behind his desk, itself buried within a hurricane of paper while an outdated laptop sat atop the mess, displaying a page of text... More

6. If I Was Homeless I'd Live In Los Angeles by Dan Keston
There are open air farmers markets in Los Angeles, everyday, that offer free samples of top quality meat, cheese, deserts, fruit, veggies and anything else you need to balance out your diet... More
* * * * *

That's it for now. Have a good day. Next stop... Las Vegas.

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