Saturday, March 04, 2006

Pimp Day Saturday: Radio Free Pauly, Maudcasts, Sir Waffle Day, and the Heads Up Championship

Thanks to Sean at the Lord Admiral Card Club Radio Show and Podcast for including me in last week's episode. They featured an interview that I conducted with Wil Wheaton at the WPT Invitational at Commerce Casino during one of his breaks. It's pretty funny, especially the part where we both drool over Jen Tilly's massive surface area of boobage.
You can download Episode 64.... Here
If you want to catch up and listen to previous episodes, please visit their archives over at Brainscat. Stop by Card Club at Lord Admiral Radio and check them out. Thanks again to Sean and Stacks for having me on the best damn podcast dedicated to poker.

Moving on...

In other parts of the poker blogosphere, there are some random things you should take a peek at. Let the pimping begin.

Listen to Maudie's latest Maudcast called "Missive." You can download it... here.

Felicia penned a quality post called Stud Theories Part II: Psychology. It is a must read for all novice Stud players.

Go buy some cool Snail Trax gear!

Fellow NY'ers Dawn & Karol started up a blog called I Had Outs. I love their tagline... "Women are the rake."

This is an old post, but it's hilarious and I forgot to post it. Go read StB's interview with my brother Derek. The topic? Me, of course. Derek sounds off on four important questions:
1. Does Pauly never really sleep?
2. How many strippers can he juggle at once?
3. Does he steal your stash when you are not looking?
4. Will he pass out at the Boathouse this year?
Sir Waffle's birthday tournament is going to be on Full Tilt Poker on Sunday night at 9pm ET. I can't make it since it was scheduled at a horrible time --- up against the Oscars. I have a few Oscars parties to crash with Showcase & Change100 and can't play. But you should play and try to get Sir Waffle on tilt.

Biggestron is putting together a WPBT Player of the Year event. Take a peek at his post called First WPBT-POY Circuit Event. First event is PLO starting on Sunday March 12 on Poker Stars. I hope I can play!

If you haven't been reading Joe Speaker recently, then you have no idea about the existentialist meatgrinder of emotional distraught that he's been going through. He's one of my favorite writers and he's been unleashing his heartache and feelings into blog form as he's enduring a horrendous divorce. Everytime I read his blog I just wanna reach out and give him a huge hug and then I go scrolling through my rollodex looking for a hitman to rub out his "X". Take a look at Joe Speaker's Divorcatorium, specifically two posts titled... This Is the End and Incomplete.

Check out BG's horse racing blog.

And yes... the Poker Prof and I hired BG to write for Las Vegas Vegas. BG is going to be an excellent addition to our staff, especially with the experience that he'll bring with him from writing for Nick Denton and Oddjack. Las Vegas Vegas also features a weekly column from April and Grubby is a frequent contributor to the main Las Vegas blog as our food correspondent. Seriously, Las Vegas Vegas is making a push to produce some of the best content on the web. Adding stellar scribes such as BG and Grubby is the best way I know how to make it uber-successful. Hopefully I'll have more time to get off my ass to contribute more to Las Vegas Vegas. Of course, LVV is the home on the web for Flipchip's magnificent photography, so take a peek at his extensive photo gallery.

Speaking of Flipchip, he's at the Heads Up Championship in Las Vegas covering the event for Las Vegas and Poker. He's already posted some photos. Check back to read more about the event. I have money on Gavin Smith going all the way.

* * * * *

Thanks to the Top 10 Referrals to the Tao of Poker for the month of February!
1. The Borgata
2. Wil Wheaton
3. Las Vegas Vegas
4. Iggy's Guinness and Poker
5. Up for Poker (CJ, G-Rob, & Otis)
6. Newz Junky
7. Tao of Pauly
8. Aaron Gleeman
9. Pot Committed
10. Chris Fargis at Twenty-One Outs Twice

Say tuned for my Oscars post over at the Tao of Pauly. That's it for now. Time for me to go play in some VIP freerolls on Poker Stars.

Freeroll Update: As of 3pm PCT, I took 650 out of 1120 in the Silver VIP freeroll that Drizz and Change100 played in. Change100 took 72nd and cashed. I also played in a Silver satellite to the $100K VIP freeroll and took 105 out of 352. So far, I'm 0-2 in freerolls.

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