Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Reminder: First WPBT Player of the Year (POY) Circuit Event

Thanks to Byron aka Biggestron for setting this up. I was the first (and only) player to sign up! What are you waiting for?

I cut and pasted most of this from Byron:
First event in the WPBT-POY Race!

What: Pot-Limit Omaha
Where: PokerStars (Private Tourney 20742121)
When: Sunday, March 12th at 9:30 PM EST (or 6:30 PM PST)
Cost: $20+2
Password: wpbt72

Requirements: Be a poker blogger who wants to take part in this year-long experiment. The poker blogging requirements will be light. Even if you post as often as Hdouble, or mention as much poker as AlCantHang, you are good. This rule will be enforced on an honor system. Non-bloggers will not be eligible for the title and the as yet unannounced prize at the end of the year.

POY-Race: From a biweekly series of events (buy-in between $15 and $20) points will be allotted according to the PokerStars tourney formula (buy-in, placement and number of entries are used to figure points). The winner will be announced at the December WPBT gathering, with the December WPBT event counting as the final event towards the race. See previous post for the origin of the rules. Events will be alternated between PokerStars and FullTilt.

Watch Biggestron or the WPBT calendar for events. Suggestions for events are welcome. The rules will remain as they have been laid out here. Minor changes may occur throughout the year based on majority voting.
I'll definitely be playing in the WPBT-POY event. Hope to see you there.

Moving on...

It's going to be a big Sunday as well for two LA bloggers. Joe Speaker and Change100 recently won seats into the big tournaments this weekend. Just the other night, Change100 picked up a victory in a double shootout to win her seat into the $1M guaranteed on Poker Stars. A few hours later, Joe Speaker won a seat in the big tourney on Full Tilt on Sunday, the $200K guaranteed. Best of luck to both.

I was fortunate to have lunch with Joe Speaker, Facty, and Change100 yesterday in downtown LA. Joe Speaker recommended this awesome Cuban joint. It was good to see the lean and trim Mr. Speaker as we tried to lift his spirits. Facty hooked me up with a box of girl scout cookies. They were all gone less than 22 hours later.

I dropped a buy-in at a $5/10 6-max on Party Poker the other night. It was a combination of a few suckouts, missing my big draws, and making a couple of rookie mistakes due to my overconfidence.

Congrats to StB for winning the WWdN tourney last night. He came from behind too after being seriously outchipped heads up.

I have one big prop bet today. I picked Panama over Cuba in the World Basbeall Championships. My boys are up 1-0 in early action.

Today is my last day in Hollyweird. I return to the big city tomorrow where I'll be bogged down writing for a week straight and watching non-stop college hoops. Time to catch a last few rays of California sunshine and tonight I'm going to see Showcase's play. And I have one more screenplay to pitch before I go, so wish me luck.

Enjoy my link of the day... random Swedish girls kissing. That was dedicated to the Rooster and the Donkey Puncher.

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