Saturday, March 18, 2006

March Madness - Round 1 Update: All Hail AlCantHang!

There are plenty of online celebrities playing in the 6th annual Pauly's Pub March Madness Pool along with a poker pro or two and an well known actress. And out of all the sheets, one man has emerged from the pack as the Round 1 leader. All hail, AlCantHang!

If you don't know AlCantHang had a perfect Thursday and that put him in the top 300 pools overall on ESPN out of like 2 million! Congrats to Al for his perfect sheet thru Day 1. Of course he couldn't withstand the slew of upsets on Day 2 of the first round. Kansas and Iowa both fell and Bucknell is headed for a second round upset against Memphis on Sunday. Should be a great game!

Anyway, AlCantHang and his team Marlboro and Lungbutter is sitting pretty on top of the standings. Former lawyer turned comedian Charles Star and Ugarte's Picks are Funny are tied for 2nd place with Spider's Like DWright at 3rd. Spider's second sheet Damon's My Bitch and my second sheet Strippers and Blow round out the Top 5.
Top 5 Current Standings thru Round 1:
1 Marlboro and Lungbutter (AlCantHang) 280
2 Ugarte's Picks are Funny (Charles Star) 260
2 Like DWright at 3rd (Spider1) 260
4 Strippers and Blow (Pauly) 250
4 Damon's My Bitch (Spider2) 250

To see the complete standings, visit the Tao of Pauly
That's it good luck today. Don't forget to pay me! Shoot me an email for payment info.

* * * * *

I took it on the chin last night. I went 4-5 yesterday in bets and I'm 6-10 overall. I'm -550 for the first round. I got gunshy after a terrible Thursday and didn't put out bets like I wanted. I hit Bucknell and the money line, which was my only highlight yesterday.

I hope to make it all back later today.
Saturday's Picks:
Montana +10.5 ... Lost
Tenn -2.5 .... Lost
Gonzaga -4
Duke -9 ... Won
Texas A&M +5 ... Won
Illinois -2 ... Lost

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